Many duck hunters anticipate the coming of duck hunting season. Duck hunting season usually opens in summer. Even before the duck hunting season starts, duck hunters are already preparing the basic duck hunting gears and equipments. Of all the outdoor sports that participated in the whole world, duck hunting is regarded as one of the most dangerous sports. Mainly because of the environment the sport is played and the equipment (e.g. shotgun). Because of this, duck hunting has lots of safety precautions to make sure of the safety of the hunter, as well as the safety of the hunter’s companion or to those who are nearby.

The first thing that a duck hunter considers in preparing for a trip is the equipment, supplies, and hunting gears. Here are some things that a duck hunter must look into before going on a trip.

* Preparation — a duck hunter must decide when and where to hunt before going off. It is best that, as a hunter, you should keep a journal of where you hunted last duck season. This is to determine which hunting spots are best on a particular weather condition. So that you will know where you should be hunting if there is an upcoming storm, when it rains, snows, freezes, or when the weather is clear. Because you are hunting ducks, (which is a waterfowl) the area that you are hunting is near a body of water. Always consider all the factors.

* Duck Calls — duck calls are woodwind instruments that produce a mallard hen-like quaking sounds that will attract ducks. Practice your duck calls before the duck season starts. Clean your duck calls and inspect the reed. Make sure that the duck call is properly working.

* Shotgun — the most important gear in duck hunting. Remember to regularly clean your gun. Check for worn and damaged parts, replace the damaged parts as soon as possible. And double-check your gun before the opening day of the duck season. Test fire your gun to determine if it is working properly. Practice your shooting skills before the season starts. It is advisable that you check your accuracy with a coincidence range finder.

* Decoys — decoys are used to catch the attention of the ducks or to lure them to your hunting spot.

* Blinds — blinds are solid structures that a hunter crawls or hides into. It allows the hunter low profile on the hunting area.

* Hunting gear — always make certain that you have the proper hunting gear for the trip. Most hunters wear brightly colored clothing so that other hunters can see them easily. Bright orange vests and hats are usually worn by some hunters. Duck hunting is usually situated in cold areas; make sure that you are well insulated from the cold.

* Dogs — most duck hunters use dogs to retrieve downed waterfowls. Retrievers are the most suited breeds for duck hunting.

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