Apple Cider Vinegar is the tastiest and cheapest way to clean your teeth. Now that you have a new-found appreciation for this wondrous toothpaste we are going to explore its usage.

As soon as you pop the first bottle of apple cider into your mouth you will immediately feel the difference. When you brush your teeth with this fabulous mixture your teeth will receive an extra treat.

The many benefits of using apple cider vinegar in your mouth are sparkling white teeth, less sensitivity to cold, super easy on your teeth and gums, powerful antibacterial properties, anti-microbial properties, and antibacterial properties. This is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the best things about this product is how fast it cures plaque and is good for your gums.

In addition to its anti-plaque abilities, it is also very good for teeth due to its anti-microbial properties and anti-septic properties which are made possible by lemon balm tea. Let me tell you, my daughter suffered from bad breath (periodontal disease) for years.

After we switched her to the right kind of bacteria eating supplement and added apple cider vinegar to her daily diet, she’s much better now. Her breath has been forever eliminated. She hardly gets a bad breath anymore.

With all these powers at my disposal, I can only guess how wonderful it is to be able to save money. Imagine what it costs for you to go to the dentist several times a year? For me, the savings was worth it.

Causes of bad breath. Bad breath can come from many sources. Not only bacteria, but bad bacteria can be present in your mouth when you eat certain foods or drinks and even air. Too much chlorine, very hot water, and even deodorants can cause bad breath.

Just like all the other things in life that benefit you, the use of apple cider vinegar to clean your teeth is very inexpensive. But it doesn’t stop there!

If you choose to drink a cup of apple cider vinegar each day, you can not only remove your need for your dentist but also save on gas and time. Unlike the dental tools I am about to reveal, apple cider vinegar is easy to get, it’s easy to make, and it’s fun to drink.

Take it from a former dentist, there is no reason to go to the dentist. Having less sensitivity to cold, and no more sensitivity to hot water will also make your life easier since you won’t need to get your hands, or feet, soiled with antiseptic soaps.

Now you know all there is to know about apple cider vinegar to clean your teeth, your mouth, and save money. You’re going to want to try this amazing remedy today!

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