Your site’s design is optimized to be search engine friendly. Your advertising strategy is impeccable. The graphics are great. You were savvy enough to generate and edit some very good initial content that really sells. You have a great product and the right price.

You are off to a good start, but all of that hard work still isn’t enough. Upward movement in the search engines still isn’t happening the way you had hoped and sales are lagging behind expectations. What can you do?

Add fresh content.

The reason we have all heard the expression “content is king” so many times is because it is an indisputable truth. Content drives traffic, sells products, and makes sites sticky. The search engines love good content and perceive the plentiful text as proof of a site’s value.

Everyone knows just how important content is. Unfortunately, they often overlook the importance of adding fresh content on a regular basis.

Good initial content helps encourage the search engine spiders to check you out. That same content helps attract and maintain your first wave of visitors. That is the value of initial content.

If you want a successful internet venture, however, you need to keep those spiders coming back again and again. You also want your first wave of visitors to have a good reason to return to your site and to recommend it to others.

The most effective way of reaching these goals is to add new, fresh content regularly.

Sure, an occasional new paragraph or two might be somewhat helpful. In order to truly take advantage of the power of great content, however, one must add more material as often as possible.

Many experts recommend adding as much as a full page of content every day, if possible. Following this strategy can take your site from being an interesting internet pit stop to a widely recognized source of information. Search engine placement, return visitors, links back to you and overall enhanced credibility can create a flood of traffic and sales.

Good site construction is essential, but regular maintenance particularly with respect to content updates can be the difference between success and failure.

How does one produce great new content? There are a few options:

You can write and edit the content yourself. This requires an expenditure of time and effort. It also means you need to develop solid writing, research, and editing skills. It does, however, allow you to tailor your content to the exact needs of your customer base and to custom-tailor the new content to your particular business.

You can use free article or syndicated content. The web is full of free content. These articles and materials, however, will require you to place links back to the original authors. The same free content is also likely to appear in multiple locations, decreasing its value to customers and search engines. Even free content that is a “good fit” for your site will not be a perfect match for your exact needs.

You can outsource your content production. Hiring a content provider or author does require a financial outlay. However, it allows you to get professional materials designed to meet your site’s particular needs. Custom-authored fresh content avoids the pitfalls of free content and enables you to invest your time in other projects and areas that may be a better fit for your particular skill set.

If there ever was a day when one could simply build a site, leave it alone, and reap significant financial windfalls, that day has passed. The internet is too competitive to “build it and leave it.” Every day thousands of new sites jockey for Google positioning and hope to pull your customers away. Regular content update – adding fresh content – is essential for any site’s long-term success.

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