Content, content, content, everyone is looking for fresh content. Many website owners simply post content on their sites, slap on some Google Ads, and hope for the best. Did you know that you can sell your content as a way to bring in an income? Here are some ideas on what types of content you can use to bring in money.

Writing for Pay

A great place to start earning an income from home is through writing for pay. Do you have a knack for writing articles, web copy, or newsletters? If so, you can easily set up a shop as a writer specializing in that area.

Private Label Content

Sell private label content memberships, bundles, and/or packets. You can start out writing them yourself or make it a more hands-off operation and hire writers to compile the content for you. Just be sure you’re giving your customers fresh, quality content on a consistent basis.

First Rights

Selling first rights to your content gives the person who purchases the content the right to publish it before anyone else. For example, a magazine may pay to be the first to publish your article. After a certain amount of time, you are free to publish it elsewhere. You don’t usually get paid as much as for exclusive rights, but this means you can use your content again elsewhere.

Info Products

Create your own information products. Good examples include eBooks, video tutorials, interviews, and teleseminars. These are all content that you can create for your market, but once you’ve established your expertise in an area, keep going with it. Don’t just create one eBook and leave it at that.

Pre-written Coaching

Take what you’ve learned on a particular topic and turn it into pre-written information to help others. Give them homework you check each week as they work through the course. They get extra help and you can charge a premium price.

Be creative, keep the focus on your target reader, and the information they are looking for and you’ll see just how powerful a tool content can be in your business.

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