We receive numerous emails regarding how to network. For those of us in lease purchasing, it’s easy, for others not so easy. For example, those in the travel business have been hit hard by business slowing down. Why not try to network with some of the tanning salons, and offer discounts to those individuals for cruises and/or exotic locals. Or network with B&B owners in your own state or neighboring states and offer your customers weekend package deals. Spas are becoming very popular. Network with some in your own state or surrounding states and then offer specials to your clients.

One of the emails I received concerned an individual selling a wide range of products for the home, gift items, and novelty items. While they didn’t say so, I am assuming they were SMC products (lovely items by the way). Why not network with people that do interior design. SMC has many products that are conducive to adding that special touch to a home. Some of their glass items are gorgeous. Call interior designers in your area and offer them your products at a discount. We all know from the info commercials for SMC that you have the ability to do that. Also, try to network with organizations that auction items off to their clientele. Many large organizations have silent auctions that business owners attend where they bid on items for charity. Check these out in your area. Many business owners give presents away for the holidays and need some upscale items. Go for this market. Try something different.

For those of you that do interior design and are wondering how to get more business. First, be sure you have a portfolio of some of your work (before and after pictures). If you are just starting out, offer to re-design friends and family’s homes and then take plenty of before and after pictures. If this is not an option, then do it with your own residence. You could also offer to do a room for free (with them paying for the materials, of course), and then give them a discount for the next room. Network with home builders. Tell them you can set up their models for them. Network with restaurants that offer catering and show them how to make the event even more special.

For those of you in the catering business, contact deli’s and party planners, and offer your services at a discount.

For those of you that do home repairs contact real estate investors. We are always looking for someone that can do the repairs on fixer-uppers or someone we can call on to perform work on properties.

Like Taco Bell says “Think outside the box”. Try to think of different ways to market your product, and think of different people to network with to expand your business and theirs.

I tried to cover as many of the emails as I could in a general nature. If you wish you can email us or call us and we can develop a specific plan for your business.

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